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Hodowla Hawańczyków

About us

Since I remember I have been passionate about dogs and  I have always dreamt about their breeding but there has never been a good moment.
Many years ago a wonderful St. Bernard dog – a champion Bela  from Bogdanowa Zagroda started to live with us and then other St. Bernard dogs also from Małgosia Baranek’s kennel from Bogdanowa Zagroda.
I have learnt a lot from over a ten-year-adventure with Małgosia and that is why I would like to thank her for motivation and very helpful advice.
There is only one problem with St. Bernard dogs – they do fit  on the sofa.
We have also got a cat, Main Coon breed, named Dora who does not tolerate any other cats.
That is why we started looking for a small breed of dogs and tolerably “maintenance-free”.
I had one condition – dogs cannot bark without any reason namely at any time and at anything.

We were choosing the most suitable breed for us for half a year and we decided on Havanese dogs.
Firstly (in 2011) Bard from Przmożna Chętka appeared in our house and then Iris Compania Vivaz.
In 2014 we registered our kennel named FIGELIO in Polish Kennel Club which is a member of Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI). 
The breeding lines of our dogs are not accidental and their ancestors were highly award-wining with a very balancedFCi standard.

First of all, we are small home kennel (FCI) and we want our dogs to find good and responsible homes where they will be loved and respected. The show career of dogs lasts very short. In Poland and all over the world there is no an obligation to have a dog that is why you should think thoroughly if you are able to suffer hardship of taking care of dogs and then you can contact with us.

What are Havanese dogs like?

You can read about breed standard on the site of  Polish Kennel Club or fCI, we would like to describe the breed, which has been living with us for a few years, the way we see it.

Obviously, they do not bark without any reason, they are good guards and if they bark you should check why.

They are even-tempered, very healthy, they are not aggressive, this breed is exceptionally mild and friendly, they adapt to their “family” lifestyle, they are not fussy when it comes to feeding, Havanese dogs’ cosmetic treatments are not difficult, their fur does not come out (they have hair as one of the few), they learn very quickly and they are “bed” dogs.

What faults do they have? Well, we will let you know if we find any. 
Despite the fact that this breed is “maintenance-free” in our opinion, the dogs are living creatures and they require care – more or less time-consuming but still care.
You cannot “throw” them aside onto the beautiful bed in order to be a lovely pride. You can use artificial stuffed toys, they are an excellent pride.

 Subsequent fate of our kennel

Today our Iris has already become a bitch (she has finished championship with excellent judges’ descriptions) and it all will start from her.
Our Bartuś is a lovely prankster, Dora lords over and St. Bernard dogs are still with us.
In March 2015 leo Biely Luc appeared in our house and we hope that more Havanese dogs will appear but we are going to write about it in the future.